Friday, January 25, 2008

Our meeting with Bill

Alex and I got a chance to sit down with UVSC president Bill Sederburg this afternoon and talk to him about The Bunnell Cafe. He is a busy guy (what with the legislature in session and all) but he still managed to make time for a couple of dreamers.

And best of all he was very supportive of the idea and gave us some great advice for how to go about making it happen. Of course he also hit us with a heavy dose of reality. The project is going to be rather expensive, and there are some on the campus who really covet the land the house is sitting on. We don't blame them...the location is perfect. He wants to see some more concrete plans of how the Cafe will function, and he would like to see it get some more support from the VP level.

But basically Bill said anything is possible with the right funding. It was very encouraging. Next stop is a meeting with student government on February 7th.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bunnell Petition

We will be setting up another Bunnell petition table on February 1st, this time in the Student Center near the Hall of Flags. Stop by and see us...and bring your friends!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Status of the petition

We had a good showing of support today for our first petition table. Big thanks to Joey for helping out. And Michael Morrow gets the big award for snagging the most signatures. We are still well short of our goal of 2400, so chances are you will see us out in the halls harassing folks for the rest of the month. If you are one of the brave few that have pages of signatures make sure and get them to Vegor, Alex, Travis, or Joey soon.

We have a presentation with the student fee committee scheduled tentatively for Feb. 7th. When we have more details we will let you know the particulars because we sure could use the support.

Our meeting with Bill Sederburg has been postponed till next Thursday. We will let you know how that goes.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bunnell on Facebook

Bunnell Buddy Joey Mayes has created a Bunnell Cafe Facebook Group which you can find here:

This week, I will be getting petitions signed for the project and meeting with UVSC president Bill Sederburg. We are also working on getting an account set up with the UVSC Foundation so that we can start the fund raising in earnest.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bunnell article in the Deseret News

The Deseret News has published an article about the Bunnell restoration plans which you can find here:

Old house may become UVSC cafe
But not everyone is convinced of need or site's potential
(Deseret Morning News, Utah Valley Life, January 3 2008)

True...not everyone is convinced, but no one has told us no just yet. And if they did tell us no, we wouldn't believe them.