Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A new school year dawns

With the fall semester just a few weeks away I thought I'd take the time to inform all of you Bunnell Buddies out there about the latest news. As I am sure you have heard Bill Sederburg is leaving his post as head of UVU to be the commissioner of higher ed for the state. Taking his place for the next year while the Board of Regents looks for a new president will be Liz Hitch. Chances are any interim president would be leery of making any huge commitments to groups such as us because any decision could be undone by the new president.

This puts the Bunnell Cafe Project in an interesting position for this upcoming year to say the least. Perhaps this will give us more time to build a wider coalition of support and to flesh out the operational framework.

Alex recently spoke to the person who most recently (about 7 years ago) did a survey of the Bunnell Home, in the hopes of having a new study done at a reduced price. Alex says the conversation went well, and now we just need the school to pony up the cash.

So during this transitional period we are going to continue to collect signatures, raise awareness, and formulate a business plan. Thank you all for your support.