Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A new focus

Alex and I have been discussing the future of the Bunnell project. One thing we have noticed whenever we speak to UVU administrators about the Cafe aspect of our idea they immediately say, "Well, there is a cafe in the new library." At that point, for them at least, the discussion is over.

While it is true that the new library does indeed serve coffee and has places to sit, it is far from the atmosphere we are trying to create for the Bunnell. This dichotomy between what the administrators consider a cafe and what we think the Bunnell could be, has pointed out that the cafe aspect of our project is really secondary to our aim of saving the structure itself.

During this transitional time as a new president is chosen, and the school is getting used to its new status as a university, we think it is wise to focus on saving the Bunnell Pioneer Home and making it a part of student life.

Of course the cafe portion of the overall plan is still important to the process, but we think focusing on saving the structure itself has the best chance of getting the attention of administrators on campus.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think of our new focus. We need your feedback in order to craft a plan that will work. Thanks!