Monday, December 10, 2007

Salt Lake Tribune's article on The Bunnell

Don Meyers of the Salt Lake Tribune has written a fantastic article that not only chronicles our plans for renovating the Bunnell Pioneer Home but also digs into the history of the home. Check it out here:

UVSC staff, students seek $500K to make historic farmhouse a campus cafe
(Salt Lake Tribune, December 10 2007)

It appears on the front page of the Utah section in today's paper and is also featured prominently on the Trib's web page. I have included a link to this page in the comments section...feel free to leave a nice comment there yourself.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back inside The Bunnell

Don Meyers from the Salt Lake Tribune came by UVSC today to interview Alex and myself about The Bunnell Cafe idea. Joining us was Helen Bunnell Weeks and her husband Clyde, as well as Travis and Dominic.

It was great to stand with Helen in her old house and hear stories of her childhood. We also talked about our plans for the restoration and revitalization of the home. Alex even got Helen to climb the spiral staircase and check out the attic amazing feat considering that Helen has always detested the addition. Alex just may have convinced her that keeping it might not be such a bad thing. Helen also loved the idea of selling "Bunnell Bricks" to donors...and trust me...there are plenty of bricks in that place.

We are not sure yet when Don's story will be in the Trib, but as soon as we know more so shall you. At one point during our tour of the home Don leaned over to me and said that the enthusiasm for this project seemed contagious. He hit the nail on the head.

I also spoke with Rodger Hardy of the Deseret News last Friday and I believe he is also working on a story about The Bunnell.