Monday, December 10, 2007

Salt Lake Tribune's article on The Bunnell

Don Meyers of the Salt Lake Tribune has written a fantastic article that not only chronicles our plans for renovating the Bunnell Pioneer Home but also digs into the history of the home. Check it out here:

UVSC staff, students seek $500K to make historic farmhouse a campus cafe
(Salt Lake Tribune, December 10 2007)

It appears on the front page of the Utah section in today's paper and is also featured prominently on the Trib's web page. I have included a link to this page in the comments section...feel free to leave a nice comment there yourself.

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J & A VW said...

This is brilliant! I don't know how I can be helpful, but if you think of anything, let me know...maybe drafting offering documents for investors if you go the private funding route. Keep rockin' the free world.
-arthur vw