Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Current Status of The Bunnell Project

As many of you know Alex and I met with Student Government council members a few weeks ago to discuss the possibility of funding the Bunnell Cafe project. While we haven't heard anything official from the council we have heard from other sources that they are, for now at least, passing on the project.

While we are disappointed in their decision, we know that our project is ambitious and understand why some might be wary at this time. We hope the council changes its mind, if not now then perhaps next year with a new council.

In the meantime I had a fantastic conversation with Susan Thackeray that has reinvigorated me for this project. Susan is the director of Career and Technical Education and she is excited to use our project as a way for students to get hands-on experience. Construction management, culinary arts, business....all of these students could benefit from such an interdisciplinary project.

I am hoping that this minor setback will actually give us more time to come up with the best game plan. And I am confident that we can make this little dream a reality.

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